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The Chamber of Secrets / Re: The Cat Room 2
« Last post by JudithC on Today at 09:01:08 PM »
This probably won’t be much of an update because I’m having a deliberately quiet day. I need it after yesterday. Also, I’m having horrible allergy eyes, particularly the left one. When I woke up this morning, the lashes were icky and crusty, and keeping it clear while I’m awake has irritated it even though I’ve done my best to be delicate.

Last night I got a lovely night of sleep, and today I'm not completely recovered, but I do feel much better. James noticed some makeup I missed removing - green in one ear and brown in the other. I'm inclined to leave it to wear off because it amuses me. My feet and ankles are still somewhat sore from dealing with yesterday’s obstacles underfoot. Considering how long the crew that got to the site on time were waiting around, they could really have put some time into clearing out as much of the crap underfoot as was movable.

Interestingly, safety was very much a concern for other aspects of the shoot, like making sure we could stay hydrated, and having someone watching the two fires - one in the film and the other at the staging site about 500 feet away - at all times. As far as the food and drink issues are concerned, I'm thinking that the next time I'm in that kind of situation, I'll take some meal replacement drinks and cover hydration and nutrition at once.

And that’s it for today. Even though I haven’t done enough to mention, I’m already starting to fade, and it’s not even anywhere near dark yet. Hopefully another good night’s sleep will get me back to normal. James has tomorrow off from work, so I’m kind of hoping to be able to go out and do something and leave him the place to himself.
The Chamber of Secrets / Re: The Cat Room 2
« Last post by JudithC on Yesterday at 09:38:45 PM »
I’m home, and holy cat, I’m tired! Not too surprising, considering I was awake and doing things for over 24 hours by the time I got home. I went straight to bed, but between the white cats yelling and my feet cramping, I still had trouble falling asleep. Then, after about three hours, my bladder cast the deciding vote, and I gave up and got up. I washed my hair, which was a relief, but just washing wasn’t enough to remove the last of the makeup. Fortunately, I remembered that Christina mentioned alcohol-based makeup, so I tried rubbing alcohol, and that worked.

The shoot was more of an adventure than it needed to be, starting at Christina’s studio. I was on time, but Michael, who played the other witch, was almost an hour late. He had by far the more complicated preparations, including a full face and neck prosthetic, and all that took a lot more time than Christina anticipated. We didn’t even leave the studio until well after we were supposed to be at the location, and that set shooting back so much that we lost the light before we even started the witch part of the scene that was scheduled for before sundown, and it got moved to the end of the shoot, when we’d be approaching dawn. In the end, we wrapped about two hours later than planned.

We were shooting in the woods, and that made working conditions problematic because no one did anything about clearing out dead branches and stuff from underfoot. I was genuinely concerned about breaking an ankle even though I was wearing sensible shoes, and toward the end of the shoot, I did catch a foot in a vine and took a header. No harm done, partly because I was going uphill, but still, that was not something I needed. I was very glad I’d worn my sherpa lined leggings because they kept my bottom half nice and warm even in the lowest of the temperatures. Unfortunately, my costume increased my bulk to the point where I couldn’t close my coat, so parts of my front were definitely chilly.

Another source of frustration was head honcho Colin, who didn’t seem to have made up his mind about what he wanted in multiple instances. If I heard, “We’re kind of playing it by ear here,” one more time… The rest of the cast and crew, on the other hand, were delightful both as coworkers and as people. We were all in the same boat, and we supported each other and made the whole experience a positive one in spite of the downsides. The acting part was definitely fun, aside from the underfoot hazards. Another of the downsides was strictly a me thing: as is often the case in stressful situations, I had trouble eating. They did serve us dinner, a decent veggie lasagna, but I only managed to put myself around a small piece plus a small serving of the salad they got to go with it.

We went to the location in Michael’s truck, and because of the late ending, he needed to go home and let his dog out, so that was our first stop. The dog turned out to be a lovely German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix named Sadie, who rode between us in the back seat. She must have liked me because at one point she lay with her head on my thigh. Then we went on to Christina’s studio to unload her gear and remove my prosthetics and most of the remaining makeup, and comb the moss out of my hair. Christina was kind enough to drive me home, and she was pleasantly surprised by how easy the trip was. She hadn’t slept in three days, so I’m sure she’d have appreciated not having even a short detour, but unfortunately because it’s Sunday, buses didn’t start running for almost another hour from when I was ready to go.

I failed to sleep the first time, but I got overwhelmed by two attacks by Z monsters since then, and all I really want to do is go to bed and sleep until tomorrow. I haven’t yet had a real meal, though I’ve had a couple of fairly substantial snacks. My fatigue is still limiting my ability to eat, so I’m noshing on what I can handle. James was going to cook small steaks for dinner, and I’m glad he asked me before he came home from his customary office hours with that assumption because I’m just too tired to do them justice. We’ll be having them tomorrow instead. Hopefully by then I’ll be ready for that much chewing.
The Chamber of Secrets / Re: The Cat Room 2
« Last post by JudithC on May 25, 2024, 02:46:43 PM »
Just a quick update before I hit the road. I don't normally use a sleep aid on nights before days James doesn't work, but I did last night because I didn't want to take any chances. My bladder roused me at about 3:30, and while I was up, I went downstairs and turned off the TV, but for a change I had no trouble getting back to sleep.

I ate somewhat more breakfast than normal, though it was a struggle. Hopefully it will be enough, or maybe they'll have snacks on set. They will have drinks, and I'm hoping for something like juice for flavor and a blood sugar boost.

It’s been raining on and off all morning. Tonight is supposed to be dry, but I’m still hoping the location has been outside the rainy area so the ground won’t be slippery. We witches will be dancing around a fire, and the shoes I’ll be wearing to keep my feet as warm as possible are far from dancing shoes, though I can make do as long as I don’t have to worry about my feet sliding out from under me.
The Chamber of Secrets / Re: The Cat Room 2
« Last post by JudithC on May 24, 2024, 08:10:54 PM »
I don’t know how much of an update this is going to be because it was a mostly nothing day. My sleep last night was mostly all right in spite of a bit of James noise. Callisto started the night with us again, but I think she prefers sleeping without the extra bodies around her. I can understand that because I'm the same way. Right now I have both white cats on the couch cushion behind me after a brief stir with Albus trying to tell Baal the cushion was too small for the both of them.

My only constructive activity for the day was laundry and sheet changing. The second load included the damaged uniform blouse, which came out great without even any wrinkles, though there is one small area in one armpit where it looks like she might have missed stitching or something. I can fix that easily enough, and now I know that cleaning the proper blouse won't require any special treatment.

My stomach is already getting nervous over tomorrow. Hopefully I won't lose my ability to eat between now and whenever they feed us on set. It wouldn't be the first time I went that long without food, but that doesn't mean I like it. I'm also hoping I'll be able to sleep tonight. I've collected a few small things I don't want to forget on my desk along with my keys and bus fare card because I know I can't trust myself to remember even when I'm not under stress.

I saw handyman Kevin out starting to clean the pool for the season, which would normally have begun this weekend but is being delayed for another couple of weeks and extended a couple of weeks past Labor Day in the fall. There was an email looking for a volunteer to help cover Saturday morning, which made me smile and then hit Delete. Not. My. Problem.
The Chamber of Secrets / Re: The Cat Room 2
« Last post by JudithC on May 23, 2024, 09:06:13 PM »
Callisto started the night with us again last night. This time there was no brother in her face when she poked it out of the under-covers cave, so she spent a while with her head out in the air. James can get away with a lot because he's still her hero for rescuing her from under the bush. I didn’t get to sleep until after she left, but the white cats didn’t show up until morning, so I got good, uninterrupted sleep thanks to their absence.

In forest witch shoot news, I've confirmed that I won't be in most of the last scene being shot, so once my part is done, I'll be able to start getting my witch off for the trip home. With a great deal of luck, they won't need the services of either Christina or her assistant, so we might not have to stay until the bitter end. Otherwise I'll just hope the camp chairs they'll have for us to relax in are configured so I'll have something to rest my head on and close my eyes while I'm waiting.

Because I’m twitchy, I’ve already started collecting things I don’t want to forget to take on my desk. I’ve switched to my smallest wallet, since I want to have my driver’s license and some cash with me, but I don’t need the rest of the stuff that’s in my regular wallet. Also, I’m guessing that they’re getting big bottles of drinks because they’ve asked us to bring a personal water bottle. And last but not least, I remembered that I have a pair of brown leather gloves that extend to the middle of my forearms, which might do for making those parts of me look woody as well as keeping them warm.

I won't be washing my hair, which is normally a Saturday thing, until Sunday because they'll probably be doing things to it for the shoot that I'll want to get rid of as soon as I can. The only question is whether I'll have the energy as soon as I get home, or I'll have to tackle the shower after I've gotten some sleep. I do need to remember to take my real meds before I crash, but I'm not even going to bother with any of the dietary supplements until Sunday night.

My replacement uniform blouse arrived at Marychris's place, and she brought it by at about 5pm today, so there's something done. The sleeves are still slightly long, but by using the second (inner) set of cuff buttons, I’ve made the cuffs narrow enough not to fall down past my hands. She left the damaged blouse with me, so I’m going to run it through the laundry to see what happens. If the experiment is successful, that will answer the question of how I clean the good one. I gave her an extra $20 for her time and effort repeatedly coming here, which was kind of above and beyond, particularly since she hit rush hour traffic this time.
The Chamber of Secrets / Re: The Cat Room 2
« Last post by JudithC on May 22, 2024, 08:47:13 PM »
This has been another quiet day. Again I’d planned to go out, but this time when it started raining, I gave up and asked James to add the couple of things I needed from Safeway to the shopping he had to do anyway for tonight’s dinner. I’ve been somewhat short on sleep again because of trouble falling asleep at the beginning of the night and wake-up cats at the end.

We had an extraordinary event last night. James went to bed early because he had such a crap night on Monday, and he carried Callisto upstairs and tucked her under the covers with him. She was still there when I went to bed, and even stuck it out when Baal joined us and lay down by my head directly over where she was, pinning down the covers so she couldn't get out that way. Eventually she left, but there was no panic or even hurry to it. I don't know about James, but I'm hoping that now she's seen that nothing bad happens when she shares with a brother, she might come and join us on her own.

I heard more about Saturday’s festivities. I’ll need to be at the studio for wardrobe and makeup/prosthetics by 1pm, which is four hours before the regular call time. Not sure what’s going to take so long, but I guess I’ll find out. I’m hoping the best bus will show up because the next reasonable one isn’t for another half hour. James won’t be able to drop me off because for the first time in ages, he has plans that start earlier, and obviously they come before me. Oh, well. I have a phone number for prosthetics gal Christina, so if I have to, I’ll be able to tell her I’m going to be late.
The Chamber of Secrets / Re: The Cat Room 2
« Last post by JudithC on May 21, 2024, 08:12:29 PM »
I don’t know how much of an update this is going to be. I had plans to go out, but then it rained all day and made me sleepy. At least I did get some good sleep last night, partly because James never made it to bed and partly because I think all the cats decided to hang out with him. In any case, they weren’t with me, so no yelling until morning.

I finished off the last of my TV catch-up viewing, just in time to have to add something else to catch up on. Then I started the fourth Rizzoli & Isles book, and there went most of the afternoon. I’m only about halfway through, but so far it’s looking like the best of the series to date. Also, the differences from the TV show are increasing.

The most exciting part of the day was an update about the forest witch shoot. It sounds like it’s going to be a very long night, but as long as I can sit down for any waiting, I should be all right. Unless something changes, I won’t be in the last scene, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get out of the makeup and prosthetics while it’s being shot so I’ll be able to go straight home afterward. I plan to wear clothes I can keep on under the costume so I won’t freeze because it will be getting down into the 40s. Also, I’ll need to put the lining back into my coat, with the hope that it will go on over the costume. To my relief, guy in charge Colin brought up payment, and what he suggested is actually more than I’d thought about asking, so that’s all good. If he insists, I’ll give him my Paypal info, but I’d prefer a check so there’s no fee. But, hey, hooray for getting paid!
The Chamber of Secrets / Re: The Cat Room 2
« Last post by JudithC on May 20, 2024, 09:40:40 PM »
My sleep last night was surprisingly good for a Sunday, when I’m usually restless because I don’t do enough during the day. The white cats thought it was time to get up before I did, but when they yelled at me, I petted them into submission. Callisto almost came in to visit. Almost. Instead she went into James’s office, where there was a patch of sun for her to lie in.

My order of Rizzoli & Isles books 4 and 5 was in today’s mail. The vendor I ordered from was paying attention and noticed they were going to the same place even though they were two separate orders, because I wasn’t sure if I had enough fake money for a second book until after Amazon did the math on the first one, and they were in one package. James also got an order of a couple of kinds of pills, so it was a very full mailbox.

On the subject of Rizzoli & Isles, my weird brain kicked in while I was reading symptoms on the body of a dead person in book 2, and identified it has Hansen’s disease (a.k.a. leprosy) before the author did. I might have patted myself on the back. I wish I thought they were done with the main villain from the first two books because this one was much more interesting without him, but if I read the signs right, he was about to start warping someone else’s mind so she’d be his hands for evildoing, since he was left a quadriplegic and couldn’t do his own bad work. Too bad. He just wasn’t that interesting to me.

The replacement clear plastic shower curtain liner arrived, and I’ve hung it. I didn't realize how grotty the old one had gotten until the new one was in place, and suddenly the cats on the main curtain were so much clearer. It was too long, so I had to cut off the bottom six inches or so, which means that there are no longer magnets holding it to the side of the tub, but that didn't seem to be a problem when I took my shower this morning. James had the brilliant idea of pairing one magnet on the outside with another on the inside so they'd hold each other on and also hold the curtain to the tub, and I'll try that if a problem develops with it just hanging loose.

I decided that I really didn’t like the pink edging and inside of my black trifold wallet, so I spent some time applying black Sharpie. It killed the oldest of the three fine ones I had and did some damage to a second. Then I used the extra fine one I write dates on the paper calendar with to fill in some spots the fine point wasn’t fine enough to get into. It’s not perfect, but it looks so much better. I also found a very small pendant to attach to the jump ring that was left as a zipper pull for the change purse after I removed the ridiculously large thing the wallet came with. The change purse will never be perfect, but it’s a world better than the way it started. Sometimes it’s good to know how to sew.
The Chamber of Secrets / Re: The Cat Room 2
« Last post by JudithC on May 19, 2024, 09:57:52 PM »
Precious little to update about today because my depression has been a great big hairy bitch again. Also because Sunday. I got smart last night and shut the cats out of the bedroom. Either they didn't care and didn't ask to come in or I slept through it. I did hear yelling when I was up and before I opened the door, but not much of that and no clawing at the door, which was unusual based on past performance.

This afternoon was the monthly zoom meeting of the esoteric studies part of the Christian group, not that we spent a lot of time discussing anything esoteric. It is Pentecost, which features a divine wind blowing through an assembly of people and restoring the understanding that was taken away when the Tower of Babel was destroyed, and the presumptuous people ended up speaking different languages, so we had a brief discussion about language and communication stuff. As a language nerd, I found that right up my alley.

One of the folks works as, among other things, an adjunct professor of ethics and philosophy at a college in New York City, and she was bemoaning the unwillingness of her students to read. Anything. Apparently they want everything in video form, including videos of her reading the material to them. Seriously. She had to work hard not to tell them to get their mother to read to them. That was in contrast to a group of brilliant 11- and 12-year-olds, also learning philosophy from her, who dived right into reading matter that was way above their age level. I wish she had an interest in Harry Potter so I could share my novel-length fanfic with her, since the protagonist is the philosophy professor I created.
The Chamber of Secrets / Re: The Cat Room 2
« Last post by JudithC on May 18, 2024, 08:21:17 PM »
Well, last night I was back to horrible sleep, mostly thanks to the white cats. It was like they were doing it on purpose - waiting until I was almost asleep and then walking over me or yelling or both. I should have thrown them out of the bedroom and closed the door, but I didn't have the energy.

This morning I was so groggy I almost screwed up and stripped the bed even though it wasn’t a sheet-changing day. Laundry fit neatly into one load, which was nice. I thought about doing the quilt as a second load, but I just couldn’t be bothered.

This afternoon  I got as far as re-watching one show from last night, and then I realized I didn't have enough lerts for any more and went back to my usual Saturday reruns. It's mostly just background noise anyway, so missing half an episode of Death in Paradise while I took a nap was no big deal.

I thought the fourth Rizzoli & Isles book was going to be in today's mail because I got an update about a delivery, but it turned out to be a James order. I'm not sure why I'm getting updates for orders other than my own, and I wish I wouldn't because it gets my hopes up for no reason. Both of them so far have been delivered by the post office, and I wonder if they're sending updates by address rather than name.

James’s next delivery will be a kind of power saw blade he's needed for a while but kept talking himself out of. He looked for it at the local hardware store, where it would have cost a bit over $100, but they didn't have it, which he took as a sign he should look elsewhere. He found it on Amazon, and by the time he applied his money from searches and rewards from credit cards, it only cost him about $20. He's actually gotten to the point of feeling guilty about spending on things he doesn't really need, which is a huge improvement. And welcome to my world.
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