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The Chamber of Secrets / Re: The Cat Room 2
« Last post by JudithC on Today at 09:18:06 PM »
My sleep last night was much better, probably because James went to bed early and was already asleep when I got there. Somehow I missed him going to bed, so I turned the bedroom light on by mistake when I went in there to hang up my robe. I was prepared to go back to the new-cat room if he was noisy when I finished my bathroom routine, but he already had Facehugger on, and placed properly, so he was nice and quiet. When I woke up with a sore throat, I figured I must have snored. “Just a little,” he said.

I don’t have much to update about because I spent most of the day sorting beads. As a result, I’m now in the home stretch. I put what would otherwise have been probably the last three batches into the sorting bowl at once. Between a half and two thirds are still waiting, but I can definitely get that done tomorrow even though I have to make a Safeway run for breakfast stuff and maybe something resembling saddle soap. If they don’t have it, Target might, and that would fit with my plans for tomorrow’s walk.

The weather is finally supposed to become more encouraging of walking. We went from warm enough at night for me to start thinking about removing the big blanket to a frost warning for last night and tonight, but today’s forecast claims that we'll go from today's high of 56 to 71 by Thursday. Hopefully it will already be a bit warmer by tomorrow whenever I decide to make my Safeway run.
The Chamber of Secrets / Re: The Cat Room 2
« Last post by JudithC on Yesterday at 09:22:32 PM »
Here comes probably another short update. Last night’s sleep was kinda crap, and between that and the high humidity, I didn’t have much energy to do anything. I can’t complain too much because I’m still running on the Uninspired setting.

The package with my army shoes and other uniform bits arrived today. It was the first delivery in as long as I can remember where the driver called from the gate to get let in. The fact that he had enough brain to go to and figure out the directory system outside the gate makes him smarter than the average bear. The shoes need some serious breaking in, but they are definitely the right size and very well made, though the laces are on the short side. James suggested a couple of ways to break the shoes in, both of which involve saddle soap, which we don't have. One of the ways involved getting the shoes very wet so they'd conform to my feet, which jibes with what somebody once told me about soldiers wearing new boots into the shower and then keeping them on until they dried out, hopefully fitting right and being more flexible. Right now everything is sitting on my desk so James can have a look before I put anything away.

The package included a catalogue, which I looked through just for fun. They offer the actual uniform as well as the pattern, but after adding up all the components (prices in pounds), guesstimating shipping, tax, currency conversion, etc., plus the uncertainty of how the whole thing would fit and the possibility of needing to alter it, I reached the conclusion that ordering it instead of working with the costumer would be a false economy. I also did another search for pictures of how it looked in real life, and this time I found a nice one of someone about my age wearing it.

I am approaching the end of the bead sorting project. In fact, if I stick to doing as much as I did today, I think I’ll be done by the end of the week. It sure will be nice to have that mess out of the way at last!
The Chamber of Secrets / Re: The Cat Room 2
« Last post by JudithC on April 14, 2024, 08:41:42 PM »
This is unlikely to be much of an update because Sunday. Also because disturbed and disturbing sleep. I had a bunch of odd dreamlets that woke me up, though I can't remember any detail.

James was still awake on the couch at 5am when I made my pitstop and would have gone downstairs to turn off the TV. Then, when I got up at 8:30, he was out like a light and snoring his head off so loudly that I could hear it from upstairs. I got some reaction when I made noise on my way to feeding the cats and putting out the outdoor bowl, but he was back to snoring by the time I was done, so I went back upstairs to watch TV.

After about half an hour I decided I wanted coffee, so I started it, and when I went back to fill my mug, he finally woke up for real. I still went back upstairs, and he gave me hurt puppy face when I barely acknowledged his announcement that he was going for breakfast. What did he expect, a round of applause?

After breakfast, he decided that he needed a nap, and he went to bed to take it. He was still there when I went upstairs at shortly before 1pm for a zoom chat with the study group part of the esoteric Christian group, though he did drag himself out of bed for a badly needed shower. I had some unexpected company for the chat: Callisto, who used to be afraid to go upstairs, slept through the whole thing beside me on the new-cat room couch. I got a laugh from the other chatters when I moved the laptop so they could see her, sprawled on her back with her fat undercat in the air.

Then I went back downstairs to the more comfortable couch and better view of the sunny outdoors. I got through sorting one batch of beads before I could no longer keep my eyes open and treated myself to a catnap with cats. I’m feeling somewhat better but still not what I’d call 100%.
The Chamber of Secrets / Re: The Cat Room 2
« Last post by JudithC on April 13, 2024, 08:43:48 PM »
I don’t know how much of an update this is going to be. I’ve felt kinda like crap all day, though this time I did manage to eat. Getting the can of Southwest style black bean soup into me meant a lot of distracting myself with other things so I could ignore the eating until it was done. I can’t say I’m feeling enough better to mention, though at least my blood sugar should be more stable.

Laundry was two loads including the new girly clothes, which definitely feel better after being washed. I'm not sure if the dress that had the elastic shrank or what, but if left to itself when it's on, rather than being pulled forward, the connecting line crosses over my boobs rather than under them. Fortunately the print is a busy enough paisley that the line is hard to see, or it would look ridiculous.

The closet where I wanted to hang everything turned out not to have the right kind of hangers, so I had to get them out of the new-cat room closet. For the first time I left the James office closet door open, and no cat dashed in there to explore or hide, though I did catch Callisto sticking her head in. That made a pleasant change from having to fish some-furry-body out around all the obstacles in there.

Today after James left to hang out with friends, for a short time I had a four-cat couch. That's happening more often these days, though only when one human isn't there, because otherwise there isn't enough space. Too bad the tolerance doesn't extend to everybody eating at once. I'd really love to get a photo of all four faces at the food bowls to add to my collection.

This morning I was bored, so I decided to have some fun with a jerk in the comments section for an online news item. He'd been whinging about Biden doing business with/in China, and this is where things went from there, complete with typos:

Me: If Biden is the one with the China connection, why are those red MAGA caps made there?
Him: What aint mmade there?
Me: Oh, so a China connection is all right for Trump but not for Biden. The term for that is hypocrisy.
Him: What is the Trump connection to China?
Me: It's good to see the chip is doing its job. That's the chip the Chinese installed in every MAGA cap, so whenever someone puts one on, they're hit with a blast of instructions to love, believe, and obey Trump. It works even better when there's a bunch of caps in one place because that amplifies the signal.
Him: Sounds a little flaky.
Me:Why do you think it works so well?
Him: b/c they are worn by the informed.
Me: Thank you for making my point. But you keep telling yourself they're your ideas. That's how it's supposed to work.

If all goes well, rumors about Chinese chips in MAGA caps will spread. James thought it was hilarious and gave me props for the conspiracy theory.
The Chamber of Secrets / Re: The Cat Room 2
« Last post by JudithC on April 12, 2024, 10:01:46 PM »
It’s probably short update time again. I slept all right, but I still got up feeling so rotten that I couldn’t manage anything besides coffee for breakfast. I did stuff a couple of slices of leftover pizza into my face for a late lunch/early dinner. I might nibble some snack mix, but that’s the closest I’m likely to get for other food.

Film guy Vincent finally posted a casting call for the second try at the shooter training film. I think I'm going to pass, for multiple reasons. For one thing, he's looking for background again, and having done a real role, I'm less willing to settle for background for the repetition. Also, he's doing it on Saturday instead of Sunday, which interferes with my weekend routine, and he's cut down on the shooting time so he won't be feeding the cast, which would mess up my stomach for at least Saturday and possibly Sunday as well. Besides, I know he'll be making other films, and maybe next time he'll have a role that's really appropriate for me, which I might stand a better chance of getting if I didn't just do something of his.

The girly clothes I ordered from Temu arrived today, and for the most part I like them. The fabric wouldn't have been my first choice, though it's not horrible. I'm going to run everything through the wash tomorrow in the hope that sizing is part of the issue. Also, one of the two dresses turned out to have elastic where I don't think it belongs. The dress has kind of an Empire waist that's elasticized, but the elastic makes it hang strangely without doing anything useful, so I'm going to take it out. For my next trick, I need to figure out where to put everything. Obviously the dresses get hung in a closet, and normally I'd fold the shirts and put them in a drawer, but I don't have space where they'd most logically go. I might just hang them too, since my last round of trying things on left plenty of space and spare hangers in the closet in James's office.

I felt like doing something mindless, so I spent most of the afternoon sorting beads. I have now reached the point where the bag of what’s left to sort has by far the least in it of any of the three bags. There’s still a fair amount to sort, but I’m starting to feel like there might be an end to the project.
The Chamber of Secrets / Re: The Cat Room 2
« Last post by JudithC on April 11, 2024, 09:11:29 PM »
Here comes a probably short update for a nothing kind of day. My sleep was good again, and the morning was pretty nice, so I gave thought to going out for a walk. Then I didn’t want to, so I didn’t, just because. As it turned out, I had some little stuff to do inside, so the day wasn’t totally lost.

My new Medicare Advantage was in today’s mail. It included a phone number to call to verify that it arrived. The attached robot answering system was not particularly user friendly, and saying something at the wrong time, even though it wasn’t a possible response to the next question, led me somewhere I didn’t want to go. I ended up hanging up and trying again from the beginning. That got the job done.

Then I got onto my primary healthcare network’s website to update my coverage and pharmacy information. Their programmers designed better, so that was not an adventure. After that was a visit to my new MA provider’s website because I was thinking about ordering some more ginkgo biloba from their OTC “store” but they don’t carry it. I had plenty of time, so I took a spin through their entire inventory and did find things I’ll need eventually. I’ll almost certainly have to supplement what I can get there because the quantities of what they have and I need are relatively small.

By the time I finished all that, I’d had enough brainwork, so I spent the next chunk of the afternoon sorting beads. That took me into the time when the cloud cover had gotten thick enough for it to be hard for me to see what I was doing, so I stopped. I made another small dent in what’s left, which was all I was going for.
The Chamber of Secrets / Re: The Cat Room 2
« Last post by JudithC on April 10, 2024, 09:08:16 PM »
Last night’s sleep was muuuuch better, though I’d still like to know how I go from wide awake and full of energy to falling asleep in front of the TV to wide awake again in bed. Fortunately the awakeness didn’t last too long, and then the only problem was white cat yelling after James left for work. It wasn’t quite enough for me to shut them out of the bedroom, but it came close.

My goofy sunglasses arrived this morning, and some of them are seriously goofy. I like several pairs more in person than I did on the website, and none of them are disappointing. Currently they are laid out in all their splendor on top of my desk. I keep going for another look and kind of giggling to myself. Unless they start turning up on the floor because cats, they're probably going to be on the desk for a while because they amuse me. Who'd have thought that things that cost so little could provide so much entertainment value?

I had a lovely walk in the sun over to Fred Meyer. For once I got my outerwear right, so the only parts of me that were roasting when I got home were my feet. I picked up another big container of lotion for refilling my smaller everyday container, since the big container has the pump top I hate, and the small container doesn't. I also got more calcium supplements, which were on two-for-one sale. That’s one of the things I like about getting my supplements there.

There was an update from my new Medicare Advantage provider in today’s mail. I’ve been approved, and I should be getting my new card soon. In the meantime, I can use the letter as proof of insurance if need be. I got on the website and did some “paperwork” like entering the names and dosages of my prescriptions, how many I get with each refill, and when the last refill was. I also got on the site that administers my OTC benefit and took a look around. I didn’t get anything because, with my customary bad timing, I’d just restocked what I think was the last supplement I needed. However, I have through 7/1 to use the current balance. I don’t know if it gets the next cash infusion every quarter or every half year, or if what is left gets carried over, but at least it will be more useful than my last OTC benefit, where I had to guess if any item I picked out at a regular store was covered. And it always wasn’t. I’m already liking this plan better than the old one, particularly since I’ll be able to go back to the pharmacy at Target. My plan is to take my new card over there as soon as it arrives, so they can process it in advance of the first prescription they fill.
The Chamber of Secrets / Re: The Cat Room 2
« Last post by JudithC on April 09, 2024, 09:06:14 PM »
My sleep last night sucked dead rat. It started when James and I tentatively agreed that we were tired enough to go to bed at 10 instead of 11, so I ate my half peanut butter cup an hour early. Then he took so long to get upstairs that I’d already started watching the next TV show, and I decided to finish watching it. Maybe because of the delay, the PBC didn’t kick in, and I tossed and turned for over two hours. Come morning, Baal decided it would be fun to go away and come back, yelling, over and over. If he does that again, he’ll be getting shut out, and Albus with him since the fluffy one decided to add his voice to the din.

I had a lovely little adventure. I got together with the two gals who are doing costuming and makeup/prosthetics for the forest witch scene. They tried the main pieces of the costume on me and also took a whole bunch of measurements. I took a picture of the sheet with the measurements, which unfortunately is written in pencil and very hard to read. I'm hoping it will help with ordering clothes from websites that include measurements along with their sizes. I have pictures of me in the costume, but I have my regular shirt on under it, which spoils the effect somewhat.

They were a lot of fun to work with, and I also got some very enthusiastic puppy love from the prosthetics gal's two black labradoodles before they left with her husband. The prosthetics will be done in pieces and supplemented with makeup, and we'll be getting together again to see how they work once they're done. The trip there was easy, and will be easier next time, now that I know where the nearest bus stop is. I got off the bus several stops earlier than I needed to, though still not far from my destination, which was unfortunate because it was raining fairly hard, and I ended up with wet feet. By the time I left, it was bright and sunny, and it still is now that I've done everything I'm going to do outside. Of course.

My mail today included two healthcare related things. One was from my old Medicare Advantage provider, confirming that I was no longer enrolled with them. The other was from my new provider, letting me know that my enrollment was being reviewed by Medicare proper, which I didn't realize was a thing. Supposedly it's to determine if I'm entitled to any additional benefits based on our income. If they'd asked, I could have told them I'm not, but there you go. I hope they get a move on because until I get the approval and my new card, I have no coverage but traditional Medicare, which typically only covers about 80% of expenses, so if anything drastic happens, I'm kind of screwed, particularly since my replacement Medicare card hasn’t yet arrived.
The Chamber of Secrets / Re: The Cat Room 2
« Last post by JudithC on April 08, 2024, 07:44:07 PM »
This will probably be a short update because I’ve done almost nothing today. At least I started the day rested, thanks to half a peanut butter cup. Yesterday evening was weird, going from wide awake and raring to go to falling asleep in front of the TV to tired but mentally alert, so I figured I shouldn’t take any chances. I’ll be doing the same thing tonight. The dreary weather has had me dragging and apathetic, but that’s no guarantee of good sleep.

The one thing I did accomplish was performing surgery on the goofy wallet. It was actually easier than anticipated, though in places awkward to get the needle to come out free of the far edge of what I was sewing together. I am pleased with how it came out, and it’s definitely much more usable now. In fact, I think I’m going to switch wallets and use it instead of the one that’s a tight squeeze for getting bills in without scrunching.

And the wallet swap is done. I’m glad I made that decision because I had a really hard time getting some stuff, like my business cards, out of the other wallet, which means I’d have been frustrated if I ever wanted to give one to somebody. Now I’m all set up and ready to go. I’m still waiting for a few things, like my replacement Medicare card and an ID from my new Medicare Advantage provider, but for the most part I’m back to where I was before my wallet was stolen. I don’t have a union card, but I’ll be getting a new one in May anyway, since dues will be due by the end of this month. And it’s not like anyone is going to want to see it, probably ever.
The Chamber of Secrets / Re: The Cat Room 2
« Last post by JudithC on April 07, 2024, 09:15:20 PM »
My sleep last night was ever so much better, thank gods. It ended with a lovely morning cuddle with Albus under the covers. James must have been exhausted too because when I got up to pee at 2am, he was already asleep, and that's way earlier than usual for him on a Saturday night. It was nice to get the obligatory trip downstairs to turn off the TV out of the way early.

Yesterday evening I showed the pattern picture of the uniform to James, and then started wondering out loud if the costumer would be able to get a closer shot of the shoes. He must have taken that as a challenge because the next thing I knew, he was on the website the pattern came from and found that they also sold the regulation shoes. They're certainly not given away at £79, but they're simple enough that I should be able to find additional uses for them. I suggested partly as a joke that they could be my birthday present. He, being the master of the impulse buy, bought them and also tracked down the appropriate cap badge and lanyard. I hate to imagine what shipping is going to cost on top of everything else because I believe it's all coming from the UK. He consulted with Pi the AI and determined that there's no specific unit or rank insignia, so there are two things we don't need to worry about. I have no idea where I'll be able to wear the whole thing, but I'm crazy excited about having it.

We've had a smorgasbord weather day, fortunately with not much of the rain happening while I had to be outside. I left for the transit center earlier than I'd originally planned because I was hoping to have enough time for a bite to eat before the audition. Then I checked the posted schedules to see what my alternatives might be if the bus didn't show up (again) and discovered that apparently the website wasn't updated after the last round of changes, and the next bus didn't leave until almost 20 minutes after what I was expecting. I was sure I was doomed, but as it turned out, after what felt like a neverending third bus ride, I still got to the audition place early, though not early enough for eating first.

It was a small restaurant with what looked like performance space attached. The first thing I did was check in, and then I hit the ladies' room. By the time I came out, they were ready for me, so I was actually done before the time auditions officially started. My impression is that they'd be very easy to work with, but they might have had less experience with filming than I have. The setup for recording auditions was a phone/camera on a stand, and they almost forgot to ask me to identify myself and the role I was auditioning for. Also, when I asked how much of me was in the frame, all I got was a blank look, so I rephrased it as how much of me the camera was catching. The guy behind the camera seemed to be surprised at the question, and it turned out that they were filming all of me, rather than focusing on the parts that matter most for film (my head/face down to maybe waist level).

I did get complimented on how well I'd captured the emotion, which I take as a good sign, though of course as usual a lot depends on the competition. I know there are actors who couldn't make the official auditions (which in New York would be considered their problem), and I don't know if there will be special provisions made for them, so I guess I'll find out the results when I find out.
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