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Author Topic: Contest Rules  (Read 2283 times)

July 12, 2016, 03:07:52 AM
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Contest Rules
« on: July 12, 2016, 03:07:52 AM »

To run a graphic or doll contest, it must be approved by an A&G moderator. If you start a contest without approval, it will be closed as soon as it is spotted. In addition, please make sure you follow the rules after you get approved. If you don't, your contest will be closed. Overall, we understand the following post is lengthy and a bit of a read, but by following the rules you are contributing to the success and maintenance of the A&G Lounge. Questions regarding any of the following should be directed to any of your friendly A&G moderators!

Bases FAQ
Contest Approval Thread

Contest Rules
01. Your contest MUST be approved here first. Please fill out the form located there COMPLETELY when posting for approval. Incomplete forms will not be approved. Your contest must have a unique theme. Contests must must must have a start and end date. This is not only to help you stay on a time track, but to help us keep contests organized.

02. You may only run two contests at a time.

03. All contestants must be given the same assignment and be judged by the same people. No splitting contestants into two or more "teams" will be permitted.

04. If you apply for a contest and your avatar or signature is in violation of the av/sig rules, then your contest won't be approved and you won't be able to start a contest from 2 weeks to a month depending on your offense.

05. Contests need to be started as soon as possible. Please don't apply if you're not ready to start as soon as your contest is approved. If you do and fail to start your contest within 48 hours, your contest thread will be closed.

06. The first round of a contest must be posted less than two weeks after the first post is made.

07. If you fail to finish a contest without a valid reason (such as a real life emergency), you will be subject to the infraction levels listed below.

08. If you host a contest, you cannot be a contestant. A contest judge cannot be a contestant. No exceptions. Any contests in breach of this rule will be closed.

09. A contestant is considered to have dropped out of a contest if they have failed to submit their work two(2) consecutive times with no valid excuse. Please list all drop outs, and any extensions granted in your final post where you announce the winners.

10. If you find yourself needing to drop out of a contest, you will not be allowed to rejoin the contest at a later date.

11. We will be limiting the number of extensions a contest host may grant to two extensions per contestant for contests that have 1-5 rounds and three extensions per contestant for contests that have 6-10 rounds. Please list all drop outs, and any extensions granted in your final post where you announce the winners.

12. For contests that go on over their deadline, we will grant a three-week period to finish, after which the contest host will be subject to the infraction list below.

13. If you've submitted to a doll or graphic contest via message (not via posting), you can not post that graphic in your gallery until the results of that round/competition have been posted.

We know that these look scary. However, these infraction levels are in place to discourage incomplete contests and multiple numbers of drop outs which have been a problem in the past. If a contest fails or you need to drop out for a valid reason, you will not be subject to the list below, so breathe easy.

1st Infraction - A warning message
2nd Infraction - A message and a ban from joining/hosting contests for two weeks
3rd Infraction - A message and a ban from joining/hosting contests for 1 month
4th Infraction - A message and a ban from joining/hostinc contests for 6 months
5th Infraction - A message and ban from the A&G section for 2 weeks
6th Infraction - A message and a ban from the A&G section for 1 month
Any further infractions will be discussed amongst the A&G moderators for a suitable punishment.

Bases Rule
All contestants have to submit the original graphic(s)/base(s) they used to create their entry, together with the graphic they are submitting for the contest.

We have noticed on many occasions that people who only added some text or a border to an already existing graphic scored the highest in contests while people who put a lot of work and effort into their graphics were not recognized for this. The new rule doesn't mean that the more work you've put into the graphic, the higher you'll score, the results are still in the hands of the judge(s). It will however give the judge(s) a better chance to do their job and award the scores to the deserving contestants.

We do realize that text and cropping are very important parts of graphic making but it shouldn't be the only alterations made in a winning graphic. Of course there are exceptions, but as I stated before, the judges will be the .. judge of what they think is enough and what not. Our objective is for contests to be more fair, and even though it may be a bit more work we think everyone here values fairness just as much as we do.
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July 12, 2016, 03:08:28 AM
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Re: Contest Rules
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In many and most contests held you have to submit your bases. And it has come to the attention of the A&G moderators that some people need help in figuring out how to submit the bases for the final graphic. So here is your mini tutorial on the subject.

First off, a base, is your starting point. It's the picture(s), graphic, doll, etc. that you start off with before you start editing (which you should be doing for a contest anyway).

If you need to submit a base for a Graphic Contest, you need to copy the link of where the photo or image is. This means whether you host it yourself or find it on something like DeviantART or Google Images, you need to provide a link so the host knows what you started with.

If you are copying/pasting a link that you are not hosting, the page should look like this and you would copy where the red arrow is pointing and send that with your finished graphic to the host.

If you host it yourself, for example on Photobucket or image shack, you would send the direct link to the graphic.

Dolls are a bit more complicated, since not all dolling sites are the same.

If you are using a site where you can get a link from the page you are on, like elouai, your finished product would look like this. You would then click on the blue box, where the arrow is pointing, and then a window would pop up with links. Finally you would copy the top link, as seen where the red arrow is pointing and send that as your base to the contest host.

If you are using a site that does not provided you with a link to your base, you have to take a picture of your screen using PRT SC, which should be located on one of the top two lines of your keyboard. It will give you a picture like this which you then would paste in a program like Paint, save it, and then uploaded it to your hosting site (again like Photobucket or Tinypic).

This should cover any issues people have with bases, but if you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask a A&G moderator.

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