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Author Topic: [Read Here First] Your Super Hero Handbook  (Read 1904 times)

July 10, 2016, 11:17:52 PM
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[Read Here First] Your Super Hero Handbook
« on: July 10, 2016, 11:17:52 PM »
Geeking Shack Super Hero Handbook
Also known as Rules and Regulations

1. Please follow all Geeking Shack Rules.

2. Please respect your fellow fans. Be kind, courteous, even if they disagree with you. Do not call anyone a lesser fan for any reason.

3. Spoilers are not allowed. At the Geeking Shack, we have a one-month period after the release date where any posts concerning the major details and plot of a film/comic/book/other media source must be posted in spoiler tags. For more info on how to post spoiler tags, please see this post here.

4. Material in comic book universes can be of a very sensitive and explicit nature. We don't want to keep anyone from discussing their favorite scenes or comic books, but we do ask that those wanting to discuss sensitive/explicit scenes be respectful of other users. For a guide on what's considered explicit or sensitive content, and how to post about it in a respectful way, please see here.

5. Threads should be clearly depending on their topic. For example: If you want to start a discussion thread about the latest Captain America movie, it should be titled Captain America: Civil War. If You want to start a discussion thread about a specific comic book series, such as Spider-Gwen, discussion on that series of comics should only be kept to one thread. If you have any questions about this, please message the Comics Moderators.

6. Threads should be kept on topic. Chatter about a wide range of subjects can be done here.

7. Please message the Comic moderators if you have any questions about anything:

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