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Author Topic: Favorite Spells ,MAGICAL ITEMS,POTIONS and Places in Harry Potter  (Read 1991 times)

July 16, 2016, 06:47:00 AM
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Helen E Potter

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(1) Have Fun
(2) No unforgivable  Curses  or dark Items
(3) You can have as many favortie things as you like
(4) If you like you can do a hole page each l you favorites
(1) The cheering charm
This is a good Charm if you or someone you
know are feeling down you can use this Charm
it will make you or the person you use it on happy
even if its for little whole.
( 2) Epsuky
A good spell if you break your nose or toes
fingers or any orther bones.
(3) The Full Body Bind
A good spell because if you need to talk to someone
and they will not stay in the room with you you can
used this spell on the person you what to talk to
whole you talk to them.

(4) Summoning and Banishing Charm
I love this spell it is good if you are feeling
lazy and what samething you can use the
Summoning Charm to get it and than when
you do not what it you can use the Banishing
Charm to send it a way
(5) Alohomora
Alohomora is a good spell because you can
open a locked door even if you have lost the key
so thats very cool.


(1) Invislblility Cloak
A good thing to have if you to hide
or you do not what to be seen :
(2) Time TunerA Time Tuner is a would be a good thing to have because if you
had a lot to do and you also what have some fun you could use it
and do everthing
(3) Marauders Map
A cool theing to have to watch people
also to stop you getting cought when you
up to no good.

(4) Puter- Outer
I would love to have a Puter-Outer
becouse it would to cool to put all lights out with
a couple clicks
(5) Quick- Quotes Quill
It would be good have one of those because
if you waned to wirte samthing you could tell
the Quick- Quotes Quill what to say and
it will do it for you
(6) Wand


(1) PepperUp Potion
I like the sound of this Potion you take it when you are
not feeling well
(2) Sleeping Draught
A good potion if you need
a good nights sleep
(3) calming Draught
I could use potion when I
need to calm down .
(4) Essence Of Dittany
I would like this potion because a
good potion to heal wounds .
(5) Felix Felicis
This is a cool potion because it would be nice
to take samething to make you lucky.
Favourite places
(1) Hogwarts Castle
(2)  the Burrow
(3) Tin Cottage
(4) Hogsmead
(5) Honeydukes
(6) Dagion Allley
(7) Florean Fortescues's Ice cream Parlour and Flourish and Blotts

 I have told my favorites, now what are yours ?
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July 18, 2016, 12:03:25 AM
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Re: Favorite Spells ,MAGICAL ITEMS,POTIONS and Places in Harry Potter
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Places . . .
The Burrow for sincere loving kindness, loyalty, humble nobility, and lively fun.
The Great Hall for food! food! food! and lots of potential friends.
The lakeshore for peace and beauty.

Magical Objects . . .
My Willow wand.
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